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Draw near: Praying for joy

Lynne Baab • Tuesday December 13 2022

Draw near: Praying for joy

“These days I find myself curious about what it means to approach joy as a practice, and to receive it as a grace that God offers. . . . I have been pondering how practicing joy involves asking for it, preparing a place for it, praying to be open to it so that we can recognize it when it appears.” —Jan Richardson, poet, artist, and Methodist minister [1]

Jan Richardson’s words about joy jumped out at me because I don’t do what she suggests. I don’t ask God for joy, prepare a place for it, or ask God that I would be open...

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Draw near: Praying to Jesus, our priceless treasure

Lynne Baab • Tuesday October 11 2022

Draw near: Praying to Jesus, our priceless treasure

Recently I’ve been looking through old songbooks. I am very fond of a 1980 praise song by John Wimber, with the opening line referring to Jesus: “Isn’t he beautiful? Beautiful, isn’t he?” I had an AHA moment recently while playing that song on the piano. The world has so much ugliness in it. What a relief to turn to Jesus who is so beautiful. We might meet him in the Bible, in song, in our prayers, in nature, or in the faces and personalities of people we love and those he loves. Jesus’ beauty is soothing and restoring. Jesus’ beauty reminds...

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Creative prayer: Joy spot sightings

Lynne Baab • Thursday April 11 2019

Creative prayer: Joy spot sightings

Choosing habits that nurture thankfulness has changed my life. I always found it easy to see needs, and even as a young adult I was a champion intercessory pray-er. I struggled with depression for 16 years of my early adult life, so I had a lot of practice in seeing the half-empty part of the glass.

Twenty-five years ago, Dave and I decided we would always begin our prayer times together with some thankfulness prayers. We made that decision because, at that time, life was filled with challenges. Our prayer times, a couple of times a week at bedtime, were filled with...

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Psalm for 2014

Lynne Baab • Thursday August 21 2014

The church in Seattle where I served as associate pastor from 1997 to 2004, Bethany Presbyterian, has asked members of the church community to write psalms, so I decided to write one. I’m posting it here, along with some reflection/journaling questions.

Psalm for 2014 by Lynne Baab

Loving God, we’re tired: worn out from multitasking, frustrated by new software and apps, and overloaded with stimulation. We wonder how to nurture friendships in a Facebook age and how to love new Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim neighbors. God, our Creator and Redeemer, be the still point in the turning world. Guide us into your paths and help us embrace the challenges set before us, relying on your grace...

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