Death in Dunedin: A Novel

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Lena, minister of a church in Seattle, has been feeling restless, so she moves to beautiful Dunedin, New Zealand on a church exchange. Soon after her arrival she finds a dead man in the church parking lot. The man has connections to her favorite people at the church, and as Lena listens to their stories, she begins to discern the pattern that led to the man’s death. Come and visit New Zealand with Lena.

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"Death in Dunedin will appeal to a diverse array of readers - Christians interested in ministry (especially women in ministry), general readers interested in crime mysteries, and even those with an interest in New Zealand. Suspense is maintained as the author intersperses the unfolding storyline and the protagonist's internal struggles with her own personal life and ministry. The 'whodunit' is a big surprise, and leads the reader to want the author to write a sequel. As an American who lived in Dunedin for eight years, I greatly appreciated the descriptions of landscape and seascape and the accurate attention to detail about that beautiful place. Enjoy!"
                                                     - Lydia Fuller Johnson

"Lynne Baab is a very inspiring writer and this comes through again in her novel Death in Dunedin. It is most definitely a compelling read with on-going intrigue which makes the book hard to put down. I found this book enthralling on a number of different levels. There is the main story line centering on the body found at the bottom of the stairs. But under that there are a couple of intriguing plots bringing in theological beliefs within the contemporary community, raising questions that take the reader into profound depths and insights. And then to round it all off, what was particularly fascinating for me was having this whole very believable event happen in the city of Dunedin where I lived for so long. It was fascinating working out exactly where Lena was, view it through her eyes and also get the perspective of someone coming into our ‘kiwi’ culture. Very interesting indeed. Added to all of this were the various local facts – many of which I was unaware. This book is truly a very good read and I highly recommend it."
                                                       - Clare Ayers